Dear Abby Hammer - How can I use ChurnZero to stay on top of my CSMs' activities?

By Abby Hammer posted 01-15-2021 11:26 AM



Abby Hammer, 

Things at work have been hectito say the least. Weekly one-on-ones are now seemingly impossible to schedule with my team.   

How can I use ChurnZero to stay on top omy CSMs’ activities? I’d like to stay close to important account changes and ensure my team feels supported.  

-Making Up for Lost Time


Dear Making Up for Lost Time, 

Staying on top of your team’s activities can be difficult, and this has become more challenging as many of us transition to working from home. We’ve lost much of the informal communication we once took for granted – for instance, a CSM being able to pull you aside in person to discuss a difficult account. 

While ChurnZero can’t fully replace team meetings, we can help you stay up to date on your team’s activities and important changes with customers. Here are 3 ways ChurnZero can help: 

Create Segments 
Segmentation is a powerful tool used to monitor your team’s activities. Using MSegments, you can identify at-risk customers on a CSM-by-CSM basis. You also can also spot larger trends across a rep’s book of businesssuch as average renewal times or patterns in ChurnScoresThis data presents opportunities both to recognize CSMs’ efforts, or coach them if a customer needs more individual attention.   

Maximize the use of My Dashboard 
You can also use My Dashboard to track team member engagement at the individual level. My Dashboard offers an easy way to track team member output during specific date ranges.  Whether you are reviewing activity from the most recent week or last quarter, you can easily keep a pulse on your team. Here you can track CSM-created Activities, Email Messages and In-App Announcements. 

Leverage Alerts 
Consider using Alerts to flag priority notifications. This can be done on a CSM-by-CSM basis to ensure you stay up to date with their account developmentsAlerts can take many forms, but here are a few examples used by other ChurnZero customers  

  • High Risk Renewals with low engagement in the last 30 days 
  • Customers with no touchpoints in the last 20 days 
  • Customers who are behind in their onboarding journeys 

Alerts can be saved and pinned for later review. This is valuable for making note of statistics you’d like to revisit in 1:1s or team meetings. 

-Abby Hammer