Dear Abby Hammer - How to Use ChurnZero to Assist with Shifting Customers Around on CSM Team

By Abby Hammer posted 01-15-2021 11:27 AM


Dear Abby Hammer,

I’m planning to shift around some of my customers to different CSM's on my team. How can I use ChurnZero to ensure a smooth transition? I’d like to minimize the impact on our customers and make sure they still feel supported.

-Seeking a Smooth Transition

Dear Seeking a Smooth Transition,

Shifting customer accounts among your team is a daunting task in the best of times (let alone during a pandemic.) As CS professionals can attest, the start of a customer relationship sets the tone for future interactions. Just like onboarding a new customer, shifting existing clients to a new CSM requires the utmost care.

First identify the steps you take when introducing new clients to their CSM. Take a page out of this playbook and identify the important tasks to include in a CSM Transition Journey. Use the Journeys tool to ensure that these key milestones are completed. These are the introductory meetings, account updates and other tasks that make up a seamless handoff.

Also consider proactively engaging the customer to alert them to their new CSM. Plays and their associated customization provide one such method to do so. Using the customizable merge fields, develop a Play that deploys an email with the new CSM’s calendar booking link. This reduces the legwork of individual outreach and the resulting back and forth of setting a call.   

Above all, make sure the account’s new CSM is not just simply hi to a new customer. Ask the new CSM to think of a few value-adds that are specific to their new customer well before their initial introductory call. Afterall, the most important part of an account handoff is ensuring your customer feels supported by their new CS hero.

-Abby Hammer