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Pause Survey Reminders

By Christine Manley posted 01-19-2021 12:07 PM


ChurnZero users now have the ability to pause sending reminders to specific Contacts in Survey campaigns. This new option allows you to select Contacts from the Survey Report, Account Profile or directly from the Contact Profile and pause any Survey reminders that are scheduled to be sent.

On the Survey Report, you can select Contacts then Bulk Actions > Pause Reminders. You can easily see which Contacts have upcoming reminders by including the new column Next Reminder Date in the Contact Details table. Under the Survey tab on the Account and Contact Profiles, the Pause Reminder option will appear upon hover for Contacts who have upcoming reminders. 

Pausing reminders will prevent that Contact from receiving any email or in-app reminders for that particular survey during the current recurrence of the campaign. If reminders are paused for a Contact, you will see a pause icon next to their name on the Survey Report and Account/Contact Profiles.

Note: To prevent a Contact from receiving the next recurrence of a survey or to remove them from the campaign completely, you will need to update the Segment criteria for the campaign. 

To learn more, visit our Survey documentation