External Journey Report & Account Insight Report - Sharing Link in Success Center Text Widget

By Roderick Griner posted 05-12-2022 11:32 AM


There are two new buttons on the Text Widget toolbar within the Success Center that allow users to share the merge field links to an External Journey Report or Account Insight Report within their Success Center content. This works just like sharing the merge field links within Plays creation, allowing ChurnZero users to insert shared links in shared reports with their end user contacts. 


These buttons will only appear on the Text Widget toolbar if at leas one report has been shared with at least one active collaborator. If any particular report is not set to be shared, it will not show within these merge fields as an option, only shared reports will be options for external link sharing. 

If the end contact viewer of the Success Center has not been shared the report that was included, the merge field will not appear with a value, just as with other empty merge fields in the ChurnZero application - so it is important to consider the audience with whom the reports have been shared, and the audience of the Success Center when including these merge fields. 


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