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    Hi Anas, These are really great questions, and highly dependent on what will be the best way for Lucidya to track customers. Here are some thoughts and considerations about tracking renewal, churn and potential returning customers: New ...

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    Hi! I wonder when we do have a renewal after the expiry date, do we consider it as a renewal or new deal? and if we consider as renewal, what is the maximum in-transition period we can consider before we count an account as churned account? ...

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    Hello everyone, I have been looking for a way to copy the value from one field to another field through automation. For e.g. HubSpot workflows can copy values between fields based on certain conditions. The only way I found so far is to ...

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    Thanks, yes please do share! ------------------------------ Jeff Newman ChurnZero Customer Success Manager jnewman@churnzero.net https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffnewmanprofile/ ------------------------------

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    Love this list! Looking forward to adding a few more here. ------------------------------ Klaas Schippers Linnworks ------------------------------

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    Most companies I work with are underutilizing Playbooks. Playbooks can help you automate your workflow, streamline your operations, standardize your communications, engage with your customers, increase utilization, and upsell. You are only limited ...

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    Hey Churn Fighters, I hope you all are enjoying the summer weather and finding time to log out, relax, and recharge! As we're in and out of the office over the coming weeks, make sure you turn on your Community Digest so you don't miss out ...

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    Thanks for calling me in, @Amanda Flurry ! My favorite pair is Plays + Segments. I ♥love♥ using Play actions and behaviors to continue the power of automation from Plays. Building Segments based on if an email confirming renewal details was ...

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