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    Hi everyone! I'm curious to see how others track referral call requests. We're thinking we want to track the date of the last communication as well as how many referrals they have done either during the quarter or the year. Would love to hear ...

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    Hi Matt, This is a really great question! I know that this topic is one that is discussed often, so I'm sure that this thread/conversation will be helpful to many folks! I would definitely echo what others have suggested thus far ...

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    @Yvette Lee I was going to tag you!! Thanks for your guidance on this. @Gautam Mehra and @Erica Tabuena , ​​​​​do you have any insight to share on this? ------------------------------ DarienAasen daasen@churnzero.net -------------- ...

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    Hi Matt, Great question! As mentioned by others, templates are key! I use them often when supporting our clients as a support rep and they are immensely useful. I also create videos and gifs to help! One of the best tools is a robust Knowledge ...

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    Hi Matt, A company I worked with in the past had a customer base with very limited tech skills as well and there were often language barriers on top of this. I've found that ensuring you have resources to appeal to various learning styles is ...

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    Hi Matt, Templates, templates, templates. And using the "1-to-many" approach is key. The more we standardize and replicate an agreed process that feels personalized with the company/contact name (that either automatically brings the information ...

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    Hi Matt, Great question and your subject line made me smile. We have all experienced this issue! It sounds like you are well underway with pre-recorded videos and webinars. One thing I recommend keeping in mind is different learning styles. ...

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    Hi CZ community, Wondering how some of y'all have been able to navigate this. Was chatting with @Darien Aasen today and discussing some ideas. Our customers are often not very tech savvy. Our onboarding process typically has 2 phases: an ...

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